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All the courses we made for you. Some are short, others long, but each is made with care and attention, without dread or drama, so you can grow in awareness. Some remove fear, others help you understand your past lives. Some help you overcome grief, others transform outdated beliefs. Some work on your causal body, others can move you into different dimensional spaces. But all help bring out the best in you.

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Immerse yourself in a vibrant community where spirituality and consciousness thrive. Our blog delivers profound wisdom, guiding you towards personal growth. Engage in dynamic discussions, expanding horizons and fostering deep connections with fellow seekers. Stay at the forefront of consciousness, soar to new heights while enhancing your spiritual journey. Join and embrace the extraordinary today!

Podcast, Support, etc

WE hosts a vibrant weekly podcast, where spirituality and consciousness converge in an enlightening and empowering journey. You get access by joining this thriving community of like-minded individuals passionate about exploring the depths of the human spirit. This podcast, and the support available in this community, help you stay at the forefront of spiritual insights, personal growth and self-discovery.

Top Courses


How To Read The Akashic Records

Online class by Aingeal Rose
Includes 6 chapters 29 lessons 6 quizzes
Unlimited access
Certificate on completion
Enroll Now - bring clarity to your life!

Write Your Way To A Happy Life

Online class by Aingeal Rose:
7 chapters 25 lessons 6 quizzes
Unlimited access
Certificate on completion
Includes Free Book Of Manifesting!

Next course is on its way!

Online class, not finished yet
coming soon
Unlimited access
Certificate on completion
High demand subject!

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Many healing practitioners began their businesses with these very courses!

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Many well-known speakers and thought leaders have used these courses!

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What members say...

Linda Lavin
Aingeal Rose is an exceptional spiritual being with an expansive understanding of universal law, who teaches with boundless compassion and wisdom. She inspires you, shifts your perceptions, and blesses you with light. Whatever your goals, she helps manifest them!
Donna Wolf
Ahonu ensures students' success in a personalized way. He is tremendously attuned to the evolution of consciousness. His authentic trust in my brilliance and that of all his students, enhanced my confidence to apply the guidance he provides.
Patty Pflanz
One of my favorite things about you, is you are so down to earth and practical and real. The truth is just the truth. It comes in simple beauty, and profound ways. It is not complicated to understand but tough to actually incorporate.
World of Empowerment


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